Training Department
Head : Sunil
Members : Anand, Joseph, Dicken
Activities :
  • Monthly CSF leadership training
  • SMLS
  • ASLS
  • Planning & Review meetings
  • Resource Development
Training has always been the HEART of CSF. Over the last 10 years CSF has focussed on training all leaders and volunteers to learn to SERVE Just as Jesus did with a Servant Heart. Regular trainings are conducted through the year. The following are some of the initiatives of the training department
  • Monthly CSF leadership training for CSF leaders
  • Leadership Training for School kids at schools
  • 3 day Sports Ministry Leadership School for leaders in Chennai
  • Asia Sports Leadership School a 25 day Advanced Sports Leadership school for
  • Leaders from all over South Asia is hosted by CSF every year, which has been a huge blessing for the whole of South Asia
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