Church Department
Head : Sunitha Joseph
Members : Roselin, Grace, John Vijayan, Rajkumar
Activities :
  • Friday Meetings
  • Christmas Programmes
  • Church awareness programmes
  • CSF Camps
  • Establishing Church Sports in Churches
  • Family Retreat
  • Inter - Church Tournaments
Weekly meetings every Friday has been a blessing for the growth and development of the CSF ministry. We meet for 2 hours every Friday evening for Fellowship and Bible study and have been meeting for the past 24 years every Friday.
  • Every year CSF host a Christmas program that brings the gospel to sports persons 20 minute or full church service sports ministry awareness programs are arranged every month so that the vision of Sports Ministry is passed on to the Churches in Chennai
  • Establishing CS departments in churches is one of the Goals of CSF towards fulfilling the long term vision of CSF CSF 3 day residential sports camps are the most exciting initiatives of CSF.
  • Sports camps are conducted by CSF Twice every. Hundreds of young sports persons have made personal decisions to follow Christ at these exciting camps.
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