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Christian Sports Fellowship, Chennai is a ministry focussing on bringing the Good news of the Gospel to the world of Sports. CSF is a professional Sports organization with a clear Gospel focus. 

CSF officially began as a small mission in the year 1988 ministering in the city of Chennai. After 25 years of experiencing God's wonderful ways of leading us, we can with boldness say that the Lord has been good. What began as a small prayer group is now a flourishing, growing sports mission impacting the whole of India and also impacting South Asia. 

CSF has many unique long term sports ministry initiatives. Most of our strategies are long term, relationship building and training initiatives. CSF has an outstanding group of brilliant young leaders who are all capable and humble as they build the Kingdom of God through CSF.  

Sports teams, sports cell groups, sports camps, sports competitions, sports coaching and sports churches are all part of the long term discipleship initiatives of CSF. 

Kids Games, Teen Games, Family Games, Youth Sports Leadership Training, Sports leadership trainings, outreaches at sports events, Pastors Trainings, Helping serve the People of Sports, Evangelism by sports persons and teams, conference strategies and Partnership trainings are all part of the overall strategy of CSF Chennai. 

CSF also has the vision to serve and help train sports ministry leaders all over South India. Leaders from CSF serve selflessly as they travel and train leaders from all over South Asia on Sports  Ministry.
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